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Dragon Bro Hugs by RetroUniverseArt by BenBandicoot Dragon Bro Hugs by RetroUniverseArt :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 8 2 Alebrijes Inc by RetroUniverseArt by BenBandicoot Alebrijes Inc by RetroUniverseArt :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 7 0 A Royal Meeting by RetroUniverseArt by BenBandicoot A Royal Meeting by RetroUniverseArt :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 18 11 Wumpa Juiced by RetroUniverseArt by BenBandicoot Wumpa Juiced by RetroUniverseArt :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 17 3 Ben the Dragon by CaseyLJones by BenBandicoot Ben the Dragon by CaseyLJones :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 11 2 Primal Tickles by RetroUniverseArt by BenBandicoot Primal Tickles by RetroUniverseArt :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 32 4 Monstropolis Keyblade Wielders by RetroUniverseArt by BenBandicoot Monstropolis Keyblade Wielders by RetroUniverseArt :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 16 3 Heating up by CaseyLJones by BenBandicoot Heating up by CaseyLJones :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 13 18
Cosplay Birthday Party
Cosplay Birthday Party
"Today is March 23rd, the day Detective Pikachu is released AND the birthday of one of my brothers Bryan. Anthony, Matt and I are planning a surprise for him today, and we're even wearing our cosplay of choice."
Ben: *Putting the final touches on his cosplay* "There we go, finished!" *Shows off his cosplay* "So how do I look guys?"
Anthony: "You look so kawaii in it big bro!"
Ben: *Blushes* "Awww shucks. How about you Matt?"
Matt: "I do agree with Anthony, you look cute in it. Can I ask who you're suppose to be?"
Ben: "I'm Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia. I'm kinda amazed Anthony actually worked on mine and his to make them gender-neutral."
Anthony: "Well thank you for that Ben. You are talking to someone who knows how to work with clothes."
Matt: "Huh." *Intrigued* "That's actually a very interesting fact about you little bro. Maybe you and I can work on some clothes at some point."
Anthony: "Well I look forward to working with you when we're free."
Ben: "C
:iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 6 11
Ben the Merdicoot by StarLightDragon64 by BenBandicoot Ben the Merdicoot by StarLightDragon64 :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 13 11 Keyblade Wielder Ben by ConnerCoon by BenBandicoot Keyblade Wielder Ben by ConnerCoon :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 12 0 Buff big-little bro by CaseyLJones by BenBandicoot Buff big-little bro by CaseyLJones :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 11 3 Keyblade Masters by RetroUniverseArt by BenBandicoot Keyblade Masters by RetroUniverseArt :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 14 12 Our family photo by CaseyLJones by BenBandicoot Our family photo by CaseyLJones :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 9 13
All-Star Warriors Teaser
All-Star Warriors Teaser
"The hearts of mankind isn't always balanced, nobody always has the same intentions. Some people would put others above themselves, making sure they're happy and having their world full of joy. Other people would never think about others and just focus on themselves, never thinking twice about their actions."
"But the events you will see in this tale will show that whether you're a superhero or a supervillain... inside, you're just the same inside."
*Sounds of running can be heard in the street while rain is pouring*
Bandicoot: *Running as fast as he can, breathing a bit deeply* *Huff! Puff!* "I can't..! I won't..!"
Bandicoot: *Looks down in his hand while he's running to see 4 crystals in his hand* "I won't let those people use these for whatever nefarious plan they have!" *Heads into an alleyway and checks if no one's following him* "Haaaaa..." *Starts catching his breath* "Even though people may think what I did was wrong... Only I and whoever made these cry
:iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 2 0
All-Star Warriors Chibi by SonicBoomJester by BenBandicoot All-Star Warriors Chibi by SonicBoomJester :iconbenbandicoot:BenBandicoot 5 7


Draggy Hugs by marillon954 Draggy Hugs :iconmarillon954:marillon954 12 5 Alebrijes Inc at your service! by marillon954 Alebrijes Inc at your service! :iconmarillon954:marillon954 9 3 Wumpa Shower by marillon954 Wumpa Shower :iconmarillon954:marillon954 9 3 Monster Hugs by Dobie-Takahama Monster Hugs :icondobie-takahama:Dobie-Takahama 3 2 Got Prank by Winnebago-Chietain Got Prank :iconwinnebago-chietain:Winnebago-Chietain 12 5 Pokeballs TF: BenBandicoot by CaseyLJones Pokeballs TF: BenBandicoot :iconcaseyljones:CaseyLJones 79 4 Commission - Ben the Merdicoot by StarLightDragon64 Commission - Ben the Merdicoot :iconstarlightdragon64:StarLightDragon64 12 1
Persona Awakening Challenge

Persona Awakening Challenge: Koda Rivera

(Since I'm interested in the Persona series, I thought I'd try it out as well. It will be based on the awakenings of Persona 5, and it's only just for fun.)
(Warning: Has a little swearing in it)
"Whoa, what the-?"
Koda was outside the entrance of what looked like a castle.
"Is that a castle? What's it doing here?"
He looks back at his phone.
"Did this app create the castle? Weird."
Koda walks inside the castle and comes into the lobby.
"Hello? Anyone here?"
Just then, a couple of Shadows appear.
"There's the intruder!"
Koda sees the Shadows coming to him.
"Apprehend him!"
He tries to leave, but 2 more Shadows appear out of nowhere blocking the exit.
He then gets grabbed by the Shadows and dragged away.
"Hey, let go!"
He gets taken to the throne room and sees a shadow king wearing a royal outfit.
Koda: "Who are you?"
??: "I am the king of this castle. You think you can just sneak in here and do wh
:iconshirovanguard:ShiroVanguard 2 3
The Noogie Liger by SuperLionCharge-Art The Noogie Liger :iconsuperlioncharge-art:SuperLionCharge-Art 20 8 Bryans big birthday surprise by MattMacroPika Bryans big birthday surprise :iconmattmacropika:MattMacroPika 15 3 Battle for the smash ball (Gift for Bryan) by SonicBoomJester Battle for the smash ball (Gift for Bryan) :iconsonicboomjester:SonicBoomJester 11 13 Buff Fantart Friday: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit by CaseyLJones Buff Fantart Friday: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit :iconcaseyljones:CaseyLJones 47 3 Comic Sketchmission: Surprise Umbreon Hug by CaseyLJones Comic Sketchmission: Surprise Umbreon Hug :iconcaseyljones:CaseyLJones 45 3
Dragon Quest: JOTCK (LKHFF Style) PT 8
A while later out at sea, one of the crew members notices something in the water as bubbles rise up to the surface. Grey, Leo and Kairel hurry to the stern of the ship as a massive sea monster that looked like a lobster rose up for the deep. It raised its massive pincers as it spoke.
"Ooh, I hate this Pincher!"It roared as it opened it's pincer as it was speaking through it. "I hates it to Snappy! These nasty humans and their ships, always sailin' over poor Khalamari's head!"The other pincer Spoke"."Yeah, Pincher, yeah! Humans don't have no manners!" "That's right, Snappy, they don't have none at all they don't! No!"
The three looked at each other confused as this sea monster has lost it's mind. "That's why Khalamari's gonna stand up for all the poor creatures of the sea!" the monster roared again as it eyed the group. "Starting by eating these here humans!" "That's our queue" Grey said as he took out an iron lance and Leo took out a scythe.
"Yeah, Snappy! He'll eat 'em! Eat em right u
:iconkingleolionheart:KingLeoLionheart 3 1
Jah-Real meets Ben Fuller by Jah-RealXRidley Jah-Real meets Ben Fuller :iconjah-realxridley:Jah-RealXRidley 2 2
New Thunderpride Member!!
Hey Guys!
I want you all meet a new member of Thunderpride and Adventure Team Family...say Hello to Ben Bandicoot!! :iconBenBandicoot:
He's really nice guy and he's also a Keyblade wielder  like :iconLeonheart27:  and :iconAnimate10studios: now I want you all be nice to him welcome him to
our family! :D 
Here Ben Bandicoot look  like where me and Benny in that pic. 
Well Ben, welcome to Thunderpride team member, let do our best for our future project! :D
:iconsuperlioncharge-art:SuperLionCharge-Art 3 24




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Dragon Bro Hugs by RetroUniverseArt
So it turns out I'm not the only one who got a dragon form, my big bro Marillon also got a dragon form inspired by the Spyro series!

In the Spyro world I am an Artisan Dragon while Marillon is a Beast Maker Dragon, but I'm just glad I met another bro who has a dragon form! And we're celebrating by hugging each other!

And despite Marillon's possibly intimidating size... he's actually a caring, affectionate dragon that's basically a big teddie bear!

Ben (Dragon) to :iconbenbandicoot:

Marillon (Dragon) to :iconmarillon954:

Spyro dragon species to Spyro series

Art by :iconretrouniverseart:
Alebrijes Inc by RetroUniverseArt
So Marillon brought Sulley and I with him to summon a creature call an Alebrijes after he discovered the existences of them, only it didn't go as expected...

Sulley, Marillon and I have instead turned into Alebrijes' ourselves!

I don't mind actually. We're colourful, full of energy and bubbly! Plus just look at our wings!

Plus a new industry called Alrbrijes Inc. was founded. Which is basically like the Laugh Floor in Monsters Inc. only expect we bring smiles and colours to everyone!

See you soon amigos!

Ben Fuller (Alebrijes) to :iconbenbandicoot:

Marillon (Alebrijes) to :iconmarillon954:

Sulley (Alrbrijes) and Coco elements to Pixar, Disney

Art by :iconretrouniverseart:
A Royal Meeting by RetroUniverseArt
So Benny and I were hanging out like we sometimes do and the topic came to our brothers, Sulley for me and Prince Adam for Benny. We realised that although Benny met Sulley, I have never met Adam.

And the reason is because I'm shy, and also a bit scared. I'm just scared of the first impression I'll make of him, though Benny was trying to comfort me saying that he'll like me.

That was when he decided that Adam and I should meet and even though I was nervous, I agreed to it.

So a few days passed and Benny came in his royal outfit to pick me up and take me to where Adam and I were going to meet, and he did comfort me when I started getting nervous.

I was behind him for a bit, but he moved so he could show me that Prince Adam was in front in his formal outfit. I was just so shocked that they would do this for me, I just felt like I was going to cry.

I slowly approached him as he knelt down and opened his arms for a hug, then he just embraced me as I embraced back, crying from sheer joy as my fears just melted away.

Thank you Benny! Thank you so much big bro!

Ben Fuller to :iconbenbandicoot:

Prince Adam/The Beast to Disney

Benny the Beast and art to :iconretrouniverseart:
Wumpa Juiced by RetroUniverseArt
So I just decided to see Marillon's beast form Polaris, so we decided to meet up alone and most likely just snuggle.

But something just fell onto us and soaked us! We managed to get a taste of it and it was Wumpa Fruit juice!

We saw the culprit right in front of us laughing on the floor... Crash Bandicoot himself!

It's not funny when this stuff is hard to wash off your clothes!!

And now, great ready to face our wrath Crash Bandicoot! *Laughs evilly* (A point for who gets the reference.)

Ben Fuller to :iconbenbandicoot:

Polaris to :iconmarillon954:

Crash Bandicoot to Crash Bandicoot series

Art by :iconretrouniverseart:
Ben the Dragon by CaseyLJones
Because of Spyro Reignited Trilogy being announced for release soon, I thought it would be nice to celebrate that by getting a dragon form inspired by our favourite dragon.

I suppose I'm like an anthropomorphic version of him, but I still have my different coloured eyes and my clothes. (Though I had my shoes modified to fit my dragon feet so the shoes wouldn't get ruined.)

And considering my main colour is purple this time and I don't have hair, I instead have orange and light blue spots to show I'm still me. I'm still a hybrid just to let you know, so I suppose that makes me a dragon/monster hybrid now.

"Maybe I should be known as Ben the Dragon instead of Ben Bandicoot for this form."

Or maybe I should just still be known as Ben Fuller anyway.

But yeah, hope you Spyro fans know I'm gonna get that game soon.

Ben Fuller (Dragon) to :iconbenbandicoot:

Spyro elements to Spyro

Kingdom Hearts elements to Kingdom Hearts

Art by :iconcaseyljones:
One of my friends zekroman96 (FA) is having a bit of trouble and he needs money to pay a fee that'll come in 10 days!…

He's doing Emergency Commissions! They're lineart and quite cheap, but please read the description of the subject for more information.

Please guys! Zak really your help right now and we would be very grateful if you could help him and also spread the message to get other people to help.

Please! Zak and I are counting on you! Plus there are others who want to see him get through this!

So please help us!


Ben Fuller
Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
I'm a fan for Kingdom Hearts, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy and anime and manga designs. My character's story is that I used to be a human but for unknown reasons I turned into a Bandicoot and found myself in an unknown world on a beach, but I have gained the ability to use the Keyblade and the ability to use Black Magic and White Magic and something tells me I might not be alone. I can tell you that you can trust me because I won't do anything mean to you.

DA Ohana/Family

Older Brothers: :iconretrouniverseart:, :iconbryantheoshawott:, :iconmattmacropika: & :iconmarillon954:

Little Brother(s): :iconsonicboomjester:

Friends: :iconprofessorsodaman:, :icondandinofthebluefire:, :iconalphacharlieecho247:, :iconmarillon954:, :iconretrouniverseart:, :iconbryantheoshawott:, :iconmattmacropika: & :iconsonicboomjester:

Pokémon: :iconmattmacropika: (Omni-Aura (FA) and I are his Co-Trainers.) & :iconbryantheoshawott:


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